Middletown Ohio Attractions

Middletown, Ohio, may not be on your radar as a place to visit, but you'll certainly find some gems to add to your list. My mother-in-law will be there for a little over a month and we'll be taking a walk through some of the best date night attractions Middletsown has to offer. We found Spring Hills in Midletowown with my mother-in-law and it was one of our favorite places in the state.

The Turnpike rides were built and there are now three individually designed ghost attractions, each with its own story and atmosphere.

The Canal Museum is a replica of the lock keeper's house and the museum presents an exhibition with the original locks and tenders as well as other historical artifacts from the canal system.

Middletown is one of the many wonderful Christmas attractions that families enjoy visiting during the holiday season. The wonderful Middletsown Christmas Lighting Exhibition is a donation and a great way to celebrate Christmas in Ohio. A visit to this amazing light show is a wonderful holiday experience and a great way to celebrate Christmas throughout Ohio!

After the show, head to downtown Cincinnati and spend some time on the banks of the Ohio River, hanging out in the galleries, shops, restaurants, bars and shops that make the Oregon District home. If you have a more eclectic taste, visit one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cincinnati, which offers a wide variety of art, food, music and entertainment, as well as a great shopping and dining experience. Join us on the first Friday when we keep our gallery doors open until late at night and join us for a fun evening at the Middletown Christmas Lighting Exhibition!

In Dayton, you can visit the Dayton Museum of Art, Dayton Art Center and Dayton Arts Center, and see many art groups from around the city, including the Middletown Art Society, Cincinnati Art Gallery and Ohio Art Museum. Visit one of the many museums, galleries, restaurants, bars and shops in Cincinnati and experience a wide variety of art, food, music and entertainment in the city center.

Sit at a Hibachi table and watch a chef prepare a meal in a super exciting way, or sit down and enjoy some great drinks in one of the many restaurants and bars in the Middletown neighborhood. Take the time to see amazing shows, from tribute bands to local concerts. Relax and calm your nerves before entering the spooky attraction with a cocktail in the Voodoo Lounge. Enjoy a night of great entertainment with great food and drinks, great music and great drink options in local bars and restaurants.

Startle House is the former home of the Shartle family and was bought by the Middletown Historical Society in 2013. The association also carries some truly unique jewelry made with instruments by local artists from northern Kentucky. This check-out shop is Spoken Bicycles, which is located in the same building as the museum as a bicycle shop, bicycle workshop and art gallery. In addition to the exhibits it houses, it also houses exhibits at the Museum of Natural History and Ohio State University Museum, as well as other events.

In 2017, the city of Monroe, Ohio, transformed this former park into a city park and a regional bike path. Bull Run has an arboretum that includes marked tree species, as well as the remaining section of the free-flowing mulched path from the stream to the river.

On this page you can find out where Middletown is located in terms of its distance to other cities, towns and municipalities. You can specify the minimum and maximum population of a place to get a more accurate estimate of the population in a given area. Where we have data and show populations larger than 250, located within 0.50 miles of Midsummerland, Ohio, a population of 250 or more, but no more than 1,000 people, or where the data show that there are populations large enough (250 +), within 1.5 to 2,500 miles (0 to 3,200 people) from 0 to 50 miles from Middlesport.

If you need a town or city located 50 miles east of Middletown, you can filter the table values and export the results to CSV. For example, if you want to have the population of cities more than 50 miles south of Midsummerland, Ohio, but no more than 1,000 people, filter by city, city, county, or county.

The Canal Museum is located in Middletown, Ohio, south of the Ohio State University campus. The part - track train sends part of its tracks and trains through the canal, as well as through the city of Midsummerland and the city itself.

There are activities throughout the day, which are accompanied by a weekly visit to the campus for shopping or dining. You can spin on the indoor electric racetrack, play mini golf, climb the boulder wall, swing in the cage, jump in the arcade game, participate in the laser tag and much more. There are a variety of activities that last all day, from a bike ride through the park, an indoor golf course or even a drive with a golf cart.

More About Middletown

More About Middletown