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Middletown is a city in the state of Ohio, USA, on the east side of the Ohio River near the city of Columbus, Ohio. It is the third largest city in Ohio as defined by the US Census Bureau and is home to the University of Cincinnati, the largest public university in America, as well as a number of colleges and universities. Midletown was the first town to be within a county, and had at least 100,000 inhabitants in the first century.

Originally, it covered 36 square miles and included parts of what is now Madison Township, Monroe Township (the rest of Monroe is in Liberty Township to the south) and Monroe County, and consisted of the city of Middletown, Columbus County and the communities of Liberty, Liberty - Monroe, Madison and Madisonville. Originally it included the city of Madison, which is now part of Jefferson County (today Monroe - Madison County), and parts or all of Franklin County. In 1853, Midsummer's Funeral Home, a funeral home in the Old Town, moved to 210 S. Main to become the first undertaker in Midletowown. Middletsown Hospital has become Midd-Letown Regional Hospital to better reflect the fact that MIDDLETOWN is the largest hospital in Ohio, with an ever-expanding range of services that includes hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, hospitals and medical facilities.

In 1913, the Middletown Hospital Association was founded as a non-profit organization and construction of a new hospital began. In 1913 it was incorporated into a non-partisan organization with its own board and board members. Construction of the new hospital began in 1913 and the first of two new hospitals in Midletowown in 1914.

In 2007 AK Steel moved its headquarters from Middletown to West Chester Twp and opened its first steel mill on Interstate 75 last year. At the beginning of the 20th century, the AK steel factory was founded in Midletowown, although the offices were moved to nearby West Chester Township in 2007.

The new center was built on a 15-acre site at the intersection of Interstate 75 and West Chester Twp. It is also one of the last vestiges of a former steel mill in Midletowown and the only steel mill in Ohio.

The AK Steel factory is still located in Middletown, but the city is a holding company of Butler Works, a large steel mill founded in the 1900s and whose offices moved to West Chester Township, Ohio, in 2007. Since then, Armco has expanded and ventured into other parts of Midletowown and other parts of Ohio, such as Butler County, and acquired Butler's Works.

One of the new partners lived in Middletown, Ohio, and urged his newly formed company to settle there. A new facility was built on the former site of the Midsummer Hospital, which eventually became inland. This was the first time Midletowown had a railway line into the city, with Pennsylvania Railroad being the only railway line to and from the city.

Middletown parks include Warren County's Armco Park, which has a large lake and golf course, and Butler Countyas Excello Lock Metropark, which preserves the remains of the canal and Ex-cello lock. Middletsown offers students the opportunity to continue their education in arts and science through the Midletowown Community College System.

In 1960, the hospital was founded as a community hospital, and Middletown Hospital was the second in the entire Cincinnati-Dayton area to begin a cardiac rehabilitation program. In August 2012, Cincinnati State University Medical Center opened its first cardiac rehabilitation center on the campus of Midletowown Community College (MCC) in Middletsown, Ohio. MidletOWN Hospital opened its doors for the first time as part of the Cincinnati and Dayton Health System on July 1, 2015.

It was first incorporated in 1846 (see USGS map of 1906 at the top of this post), and throughout history C.H.D. eventually owned and controlled 640 miles of railroad, later acquiring the Baltimore and Ohio railroads in 1917 and eventually controlling them. The Miami and Erie Canal ran parallel to the east side of the Great Miami River and ran through Midletown, parallel to Hamilton, Ohio (through Excello) and connected Hamilton and Middletsown. This channel was the brainchild of two brothers, Charles and Ethan H. Dyer, who served as the first president and vice president of the Midtown Board of Trustees from 1818-1822.

After his parents and siblings, Paul Sorg moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he completed an apprenticeship as an ironworker. In 1938 he married Elizabeth Gilbreath, a Midletown resident and mother of his son, who died in January 2007. After the death of Paul's father, the Gil family moved from Midtown to Wisconsin and Galena, Illinois, in search of better jobs.

A local historian has noted that the city got its name from Mr. Vail, who was from Middletown, New Jersey. He says he took up the name "Vail" after coming from the town of Vailsburg, Pennsylvania, with his wife and children in the late 18th century. A local historical officer explains: "We got our name in 1812 from a man named John D. Gail who had come to Midsummertown from New York City to look for work.

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