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Superintendents and the board met today to discuss the future of the Mid-Ohio Conference (GWOC) football program. It was announced today that all sporting competitions held during the autumn sports season will only be held at GWoc member schools and all non-conference games will only be cancelled. The GWOC has made it clear to all other conference members that they will only play this fall and no other games in the fall.

Middletown is in a part of the state that traditionally does not match Ohio State, but many residents cheer the Buckeyes. Lourdes kicked off the new year with a victory over the Spartans and Middletsown was the site of her first home game in nearly two decades.

The Falcons have won at least one national title in each of the past four years, and four in the last five.

The school's most famous graduate is basketball player Jerry Lucas, who led the Middies to national championships in the 1960s, including a 76-game winning streak from 1961 to 1962 and a 1963 national championship. In 1961, when 3,500 fans crowded into the parking lot to watch a basketball game between the Falcons and the University of Dayton, Lucas said he scored 28 points in a win over a United States team that included All-American Johnny Horan. Lucas was named Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year in 1961 and led the nation in points, rebounds, assists, steals and steals in his first season. He was an All-American for three years, but freshmen couldn't play in that time.

He scored 34 points in the Middies' first game, and they won 76-56, but they faced Steubenville star Bill Ross, whom Barnette guarded and held to five points.

The Middletown breezed through the four-game district tournament in Dayton and easily dealt Roosevelt and Stivers to advance to the regional. Their opponent in the state semifinals was Cleveland St. Ignatius, and they whipped them 58-41 in a quarterfinal game in Columbus. At halftime, both teams were tied at 33 points, but Wilbur Wright made an unexpected play that amounted to just seven points and fell to 44 points.

Six of the seven starters on that team played basketball in college, and all but one have played this year. The other starter, Tom Dillman, was the starting center and he later became an All-American for Ohio State, helping the Buckeyes to the 1960 NCAA title and playing in the championship game for the next two seasons. He led the team to its first-ever national championship in 1961, the year it won the final, but he played for a team that won back-to-back championships.

All of the starters on that team played basketball and football in college, and all but one played in the NFL this year.

Harrison was an Olympic champion in London last summer, Brewer won the Masters and Lucas Carter played as a member of the US national team. The men's national team at the 2012 Summer Olympics. High school sports is the heart of Middletown and there are many classic basketball halls in the area that offer history and a wealth of memories. The arena is new, but there is a trophy case that displays all the greats of high school basketball, football, football and baseball. That should be the case in 50 years for Miller Arena and for the future of college basketball.

While the Jerry Lucas-led team has already been honored by the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame, the 1951-52 and 1952-53 teams will be inducted in 2019. Kayla Carter and John Carter of Middletown, both members of the 1953-54 team, are also honored at the inauguration ceremony. The number of retired players from the teams of 1952, 1953, 1954 and 1955 is the second highest in the history of high school basketball, behind Ohio State.

It is an annual gathering that began in the 1990s as a way to bring motivational speakers from the world of football and basketball to Middletown and support midsummer athletics. It is a typical basketball crowd, consisting of students, alumni and parents, who cheer the home team on to victory. The Grey Wolves committed 10 fewer errors in five games this season, including a - low - field goal percentage of 38.5 percent. This is the second year in a row that the opponent has overtaken the Maddies and Falcons, and the third consecutive season.

Middletown Schools is a member of the Ohio State Board of Health. All school districts and local schools, including the MCSD, have confirmed positive cases of students and staff to the Ohio State University System.

Miller Arena hopes to be the home of the Ohio State men's basketball team for the 2016-17 season, but August realized that wasn't always the case. LED video wall and sound system, which give the high school arena the same level of security as the University of Ohio football stadium. But the arena forgot the second point after former Middletown High School football coach Bill Miller resigned. He has not been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but is watching from the stands at Miller Arena in his home state of Michigan and watching his son play in the NFL.

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