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Middletown, Ohio, may not be on your radar as a place to visit, but you'll certainly find some gems to add to your list. The Great Miami River flows directly through Middletsown and several lakes and ponds in the area also offer plenty of opportunities to catch perch, bluechats and a number of other fish. Although not one of the best known fisheries resources in the state of Ohio, the area around Midsouth has much to offer fishermen. Covering 2,607 hectares, it can take a long time to fully explore Ceaser Creek Lake, but it has the potential for some good fishing in and around Middlesbrough.

This outdoor water park is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and is sure to entertain children of all ages. Light Up Middletown is just one of many wonderful Christmas attractions that families enjoy visiting during the holiday season. A visit to this amazing light show is a great way to celebrate Christmas in Ohio and driving through the Christmas lights and Ohio displays is a wonderful time for families.

The association also carries some truly unique jewelry made from instruments by local artists from Northern Kentucky. If you love thousands of dazzling Christmas lights, Middletown Lights is a must during the holiday season. The stunning Midsummer Night's Light Show at the Natural History Museum is an annual event and costs admission for a donation. It is one of the most beautiful Christmas shows in Ohio and a great attraction for families.

Middletown, Ohio, is a city of 2,921 people, home to Ohio State University and the University of Ohio, according to the US Census Bureau. The city is the holding area for the large steel mills that were established in the 1900s until the offices moved to nearby West Chester Township in 2007. AK Steel's factory is still in Midsummerown and was in operation since the 1950s before moving its offices to WestChester Township, Ohio, in 2006.

Those in town who want to get a passport should consider using the passport office in Middletown to seal documents. One of the best places to get your passport application sealed is at the two passport offices here, in and around Midsummerown.

Getting a passport is the same almost everywhere, so go to your local acceptance office to start your journey. There are 2 passport offices in Middletown, but if you need it faster, see "Accelerated Passport Procedure" on the right side of this page. Normally, the local passport office is a bit of a road trip and you have to make an appointment. Remember that the clerk is the approved agent and the nearest passport issuing point is nearby, namely the Detroit Passports Agency, whose headquarters are located in Detroit, Michigan.

Simply download our map of West Middletown, OH, which is easy to access when traveling over the Internet. Use the satellite view or save the PDF to receive the free printable "West Midsummer OH Plan."

There are no nonstop flights between Ohio and Middletown, but Cheapflights can provide you with all the information you need to find a faster route with fewer stopovers. Some flights may be subject to cancellation, so you should read your airline's cancellation policy and travel advice before booking. Check with local authorities in Ohio or Dayton for travel warnings and ask your local airport for the nearest airport to MIDDLETOWN listed below. This trip is not recommended at this time and may lead to delays and / or cancellations. If necessary, to renew faster, you MUST go to the regional passport office and present a travel certificate.

Click on the icon on this map to see a satellite view that delves deep into the inner workings of West Middletown. You can also use the search box to find other places you want to search. If you are looking for directions to the west of the city or other parts of MIDDLETOWN that you wish to visit, we have directions that you can find and save for future use.

In Hamilton, Ohio State Route 4 will take you to the south end before you reach downtown and then change to Verity Parkway. The north and south routes are the Dixie Highway, Breiel Boulevard, which is a very busy route. From Hamilton, take Ohio State Route 4 to downtown, then change to Verities Parkway and head south. Normally, you can book a flight from Columbus Hopkins International Airport to Middletown Airport with American Airlines for $269. Other airlines that can offer lower fares are American Airlines ($122) and Delta ($239).

Hopkins is located in Middletown, Ohio, about an hour and a half north of Columbus Hopkins International Airport and about two hours south of Hamilton.

Middletown is home to a small urban airport known as Hook Field (airport code MWO), which is no longer served by commercial aircraft and only general aviation. It is also home to Hook Airport, which was formerly a commercial airline but is currently used only for general aviation. Middletsown is also home to Hook Field, a private airport with a total capacity of about 1,500 passengers, but which will no longer serve commercial airliners or general aviation as it has been before.

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More About Middletown